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A new friend


If you had a snake wrapped around your body, what would you do?

Most people would not be smiling the way the girl in this picture is. Many people think snakes are scary.

Some people might be afraid that a snake will bite them. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake, you could die or get very sick.

This girl is not afraid because the snake she's holding is not poisonous. It's called a python (蟒蛇). Instead of biting, when they are hungry, pythons grab small animals and squeeze them to death. Once they are dead, pythons swallow those animals whole.

This girl is too big for this snake to squeeze to death. No wonder she's smiling!

The words of the day

poisonous adj.

有毒的 (you3 du2 de5)

squeeze v.t.

擠壓 (ji3 ya1)

My little brother squeezes my hand tightly when we watch scary movies.


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