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Two-headed snake


Have you ever seen a snake with two heads?

Most people probably haven't seen a snake with two heads because this kind of snake is very rare. Snakes with two heads are also very valuable because there are so few of them. The man holding this snake wants to sell it for at least NT$4.9 million!

This snake is also very lucky. Most snakes that have two heads only live for two months, but this snake is six years old. This snake is also lucky in another way. It must never get lonely because it always has its friend right next to it. There is only one problem. Which one of its heads decides where it is going to go?

The words of the day

rare adj.

稀有的 (xi1 you3 de5)

valuable adj.

昂貴的 (ang2 gui4 de5)

貴重的 (gui4 zhong4 de5)

I keep all of my valuable things hidden in my room so that nobody can take them.


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