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Do your parents ever complain about traffic? Does it take you a long time to get to school sometimes because there are so many cars on the road?

Driving in traffic is bad, but driving through a flood is worse. Look at these people driving on a flooded road. Where do you think they are going? They must have something very important to do because driving on a flooded road like this is very dangerous.

Cars are not made to drive in deep water like this. These cars might stop working if they drive on a flooded road for very long. If one of these cars stops working, the driver will have to get out and swim!

The words of the day

complain v.i./v.t.

抱怨 (bao4 yuan4)

Amy always complains that her teacher gives her too much homework.


traffic n.

交通 (jiao1 tong1)

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