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A hill with a hidden secret


The man in this picture believes the hill he is standing in front of may be more than just a hill.

It's a little hard to believe because the area is now covered with grass and trees, but this man thinks that there is a very old pyramid hidden underneath that hill.

The hill is in Bosnia (波士尼亞), which is where this man is from. He has studied pyramids in other countries for 15 years, and now he believes he has found one in his own country.

He found pieces of sandstone made a long time ago in the area in front of the hill. If he is right, he thinks these stones were part of the decoration that went in front of the pyramid a long, long time ago.

The words of the day


金字塔 (jin1 zi4 ta3)

Many people wonder how the Egyptians built the pyramids.



沙岩 (sha1 yan2)

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