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Upside down


When you were a small child, did anyone ever lift you up by your feet and hold you in the air?

If so, you know what this man feels like. It looks like he is being lifted into the air, but he got into this position by jumping.

The scary part of jumping into the air like this probably isn't going up. It's making sure that when you come down, you don't get hurt.

When the bottom part of something is where the top part should be, it is upside down -- like the man in this picture. When the bottom part is where it normally should be, this is called right-side up.

Notice that only right-side up has a hyphen.

The words of the day

upside down

顛倒 (dian1 dao3)

right-side up

放正 (fang4 cheng4)

I can't read the book if you hold it upside down. Turn it right-side up, please.


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