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That's a hot trick!


For almost everyone, riding a motorcycle through fire is far too dangerous. It's very hot, and if you don't know excactly the right way to do it, you will get badly burned.

The man in this picture is riding his motorcycle through a ring of fire to show off a skill it has taken him a long time to learn.

This Indian man is performing in a parade to celebrate his hard work. He is in the Indian army, and he has just become an officer. Many people would like to be officers, but it's not easy to do!

During the parade to celebrate them, many of the new officers showed off the things they had learned. One man even broke bricks with his elbow!

The words of the day


技巧 (ji4 qiao3)

Being able to type well is an excellent

skill to have.




士官 (shi4 guan1)

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