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A very lone nose


Does something look funny about this picture? Here's a hint: This man is the president of Russia, and his nose isn't really this long.

This is a post card made by a magazine from Poland. The magazine doesn't like the Russian president. By making his nose long in the picture, they are calling him a liar.

There is a famous cartoon movie called Pinocchio. In it, a little boy's nose gets longer every time he tells a lie. So if you draw someone with a very long nose, it means you think they are a liar.

The magazine asked its readers to send the post card to the Russian president so he would get lots and lots of them.

The words of the day


有趣的 (you3 qu4 de5)

奇特的 (qi2 te4 de5)

This cheese smells funny. You

probably shouldn't eat it.


post card

明信片 (ming2 xin4 pian4)

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