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Potato time


Look closely at this picture. Those aren't rocks, those are potatoes. Just imagine all the french fries they could make!

These people have filled their backyard with potatoes. These potatoes all belong to them, but not because they bought them or because they are very hungry.

In Belarus, where the people in this picture live, potatoes are a very important food, and many people grow them. At this time every year, the potatoes are finished growing and they are ready to be sold.

These people have dug up all their potatoes and put them in their backyard to dry. Once all the potatoes have dried, they will be ready to be sold.

The words of the day


後院 (hou4 yuan4)

My mom likes me to play in the backyard so she can see me from the house.


to dig up

挖掘 (wa1 jue2)

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