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HK on edge after ruling on election

China’s parliament yesterday said that it would tightly control the nomination of candidates for a landmark election in Hong Kong in 2017, a move likely to trigger mass protests in the territory’s Central business district by disappointed democracy activists. China’s Standing Committee of the National People’sFULL STORY

Macau re-elects leader Fernando Chui

Macau, the world’s largest gambling hub, re-elected its chief executive and sole candidate Fernando Chui (崔世安) on Sunday, a widely expected result after the pro-Beijing government stifled an unofficial referendum on democracy. Chui was returned to office by a select panel of 400 largely pro-China loyalistsFULL STORY

Far-reaching military cutbacks listed in plan

By Lo Tien-pin and Jake Chung

The Ministry of National Defense’s next phase of military reduction is set to begin in July next year with plans to limit military command of outlying islands as well as cutting down the Republic of China Navy and Air Force, according to the ministry’s mostFULL STORY

Greek-like default looms: legislator

By Wang Wen-hsuan and Jake Chung

The government is in the red and national liability has ballooned by NT$1.5 trillion (US$50 billion) compared with last year, placing Taiwan on the stage as a potential player in what may be Asia’s Greek tragedy, Taiwan Solidarity Union Legislator Yeh Chin-ling (葉津玲) said yesterday. TheFULL STORY

Pakistan appeals to protesters after two die in clashes

Pakistan’s government yesterday said that it was trying to reopen talks with opposition groups after bloody overnight clashes between police and protesters outside the prime minister’s residence left two dead and hundreds injured. By yesterday morning, sporadic clashes were continuing between police in riot gear andFULL STORY

Ministry warns of China’s might2014-08-31

By Chou Ssu-yu

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is capable of seizing Taiwanese islands, paralyzing the country’s defensive capabilities with cruise and short-range ballistic missiles, as well as by launching amphibious and airborne raids, to take Taiwan proper before forces from other nations could respond, the MinistryFULL STORY

Negotiator says relationship with Beijing ‘healthy’2014-08-31

Interactions between Taiwan and China are in a healthy state despite new problems that are testing the two nations, Beijing’s top negotiator for Taipei said yesterday. China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits Chairman Chen Deming (陳德銘) said that the two sides would “engage inFULL STORY

China demands it be left alone over Hong Kong2014-08-31

China warned against foreign meddling in Hong Kong’s politics yesterday, ahead of an expected announcement to recommend highly contentious restrictions on the first direct elections for the leader of the Chinese-controlled financial hub. An article in the People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) flagship newspaper,FULL STORY

Lesotho army disarms police to ‘secure’ nation2014-08-31

Lesotho’s military yesterday seized and disarmed two police stations in the mountainous kingdom in a bid to secure the country, the nation’s defense force spokesman said. However, the country’s prime minister said the military actions amounted to a coup. Gunfire rang out early in the morning inFULL STORY

Senegal fifth west African nation hit by Ebola virus2014-08-31

The Ebola epidemic, which has killed more than 1,500 people across west Africa, spread to a fifth country in the region on Friday with the first confirmed case of the deadly virus in Senegal. The case marks the first time a new country has been hitFULL STORY

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