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Janet Hsieh: Up close and personal

The Discovery Channel TLC ‘Fun Taiwan’ host sat down with the ‘Taipei Times’ to discuss how her formative years have enabled her to help shake up Taiwan’s entertainment industry to make it more equal for women

By Yin Khvat  /  Staff reporter

Flower vases

Making dominance and intelligence, and not just prettiness, mainstream components of female attractiveness in the media industry is again something Hsieh has the potential to help change.

“You do find that the main hosts are men … and there are very few women, they are usually the side roles, they are huapin [花瓶, flower vase]: You have to stand around and look pretty,” Hsieh says.

“If you’re a host, you need to own that stage, and if you’re a woman and you do it — look at Oprah, Ellen in the US — we need to be just has commanding as a man is,” she says.

Hsieh does “own her show” in that she has made it hers, in her signature style, and her mind is not limiting her. She contributes ideas, direction and writes the scripts.

“It fulfills me, because my job is about throwing me out there and making me study on a daily basis in a way that I love. I am constantly trying to push my limit,” she says.

In fact, she is career-focused to the point where a question about getting married seems to rattle her.

“It would be difficult for me to settle down. How would I start a family with me running around? It’s weird ... My parents would eventually want me to find someone and settle down, but they understand it is difficult for me right now.”

For Hsieh, perhaps, there are more boundaries to be pushed and even more reinvention and change.

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