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Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em.

Photo: Taipei Times

Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) is threatening to sue the Apple Daily (蘋果日報) after the newspaper published reports that the Chinese actress had taken money in exchange for sexual encounters with disgraced politician Bo Xilai (薄熙來) and other high profile men.

After the rumors broke, Zhang quickly took steps to protect her reputation, including issuing a denial and flying to Hong Kong to meet with a lawyer. Zhang also put in an appearance at the Chinese Film Media Awards (華語電影傳媒大獎), appearing unperturbed as she smiled and posed for photographs on the red carpet. Though she refused to answer questions from reporters, Zhang told the press that she was happy to be at the ceremony.

But the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (臥虎藏龍) star did not mince words on her microblog. “I’m not fighting this alone,” Zhang wrote, adding that she had discussed her legal options with her lawyer, who has already sent out letters to the Hong Kong media outlets that first published reports about Zhang’s alleged paid dalliances.

Disgraced Taiwanese-Japanese actress Makiyo is also doing damage control to her reputation after pleading guilty to assaulting a taxi driver. Makiyo and her friend Hsiang Ying (湘瑩), who was also at the scene of the February incident and later pleaded guilty to perjury, were recently spotted selling cookies at a charity event. The friends managed to raise NT$4,000 for physically disabled children.

Though she has been unemployed since having her work permit revoked, Makiyo told reporters that she hasn’t been idle. In addition to abstaining from alcohol and pursuing volunteer opportunities, Makiyo has taken up yoga and horse riding lessons.

Like her friend, Hsiang Ying has been unable to work and now lives off her savings. The actress is occupying herself with yoga, speech training classes and helping her mother sell fried chicken.

Makiyo says she hopes to return to show business one day, but is keeping a pragmatic attitude.

“I’ve worked in the industry for 14 years, so it’s just another form of work to me,” she said. “If I can’t go back, it’s fine. I don’t want to keep depending on the entertainment business.”

Despite their charity work, Makiyo and Hsiang Yang still have a long way to go before they return to the good graces of the media. A Liberty Times reporter noted the irony of the two friends taking a taxi after the charity event. The driver dropped them off at a cafe where Hsiang Yang puffed away on a cigarette under a “no smoking” sign. The cafe’s owner later told the reporter that she granted Hsiang Yang permission to smoke because she was outside.

Afterward, the same taxi arrived to take the two women to their next destination. The Liberty Times wondered if Makiyo now has a personal driver because other cabbies are wary of her patronage. Makiyo’s manager insisted that while his client always calls the same company, she usually takes different taxis.

Faye Wong’s (王菲) daughter has also been living in seclusion. The teenager is not in trouble with the law, but with her parents, who are fed up with the girl’s rebelliousness. According to media reports, Dou Jingtong (竇靖童), Wong’s daughter with her first husband Dou Wei (竇唯), has turned into a back-talking party girl.

After repeatedly clashing with stepfather Li Yapeng (李亞鵬), Dou Jingtong was shipped off to a Shanghai boarding school. After the 15-year-old managed to sneak off to a nightclub with a male classmate, her angry mother ordered her home to Beijing. Dou Jingtong is now under strict supervision when not in class.

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