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Nightlife: Brickyard turns two

By Marcus Aurelius  /  Contributing Reporter

Weekly dance battles have added to Brickyard’s charm.

Photo courtesy of Danny Chu

Lasting two years in the highly competitive bar and club scene is a rare achievement in Taiwan. Ryan Fernandez and Graham Dart opened their live music venue, Brickyard, two years ago, and it has been going strong ever since. Tomorrow night, Brickyard celebrates its two-year anniversary.

One of the reasons for Brickyard’s longevity is growth. Towards the end of the summer, the venue expanded by opening up a beer garden, where live music permeates the air on Wednesday and Saturday nights, two blocks away from the bar.

“The expansion has been great. We have Bitburger and Taiwan beer on tap,” Fernandez said. “After spending so long in a basement, it’s really, really nice to sit in a park with a cold beer and listen to some good music.”

Another way a bar stays popular is by evolving. “We had an impromptu dance circle break out during our regular Wednesday ladies’ night about six months ago,” said Fernandez. “It was so awesome we started contacting dancers and offering prize money.”

While both Dart and Fernandez have worked hard to be successful, Dart doesn’t believe that there is a strict formula.

“If there is a key to success in this city, Ryan and I would like one copy each,” Dart said. “We will then close Brickyard and sell copies of these keys all over the city.”

Two Year Anniversary at Brickyard, B1, 507 Jhongshan 2nd Rd, Cianjin Dist, Greater Kaohsiung (高雄市前金區中山二路507號B1). Admission is free before 1am. Entry is NT$150 for girls and NT$300 for guys after 1am, which includes a drink.

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