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Canadian drum ’n’ bass legend Capital J (aka Caps) is making his second visit to Taipei this week. Spinning since the tender age of 14, Caps is a prolific producer and a scratch master known for bass-heavy mash-up sets that combine drum ’n’ bass, dubstep and electro. He also spins a good yarn.

Vinyl Word: How did you get into deejaying at first?

Capital J: I was more or less forced into it by my eldest brother. He used to have a hip-hop group but his DJ was the most unreliable guy, so I got drafted. One day I was home sick from school when he charged into the house grumbling ’cause his DJ was missing, then when he saw me sitting there in my PJs watching TV, he yells out, “Today is your lucky day!” He snatched me out of the house, and threw me on stage — still in my PJs — for my first show ever.

VW: How did you manage to win so many competitions back then?

CJ: I made deejaying my life in the early 1990s. Day in, day out I was nonstop cutting it up on the decks. My brothers used to laugh when I’d bring a girl over then make her watch me scratch records till she got bored and left ... It paid off, though. The first battle I entered, I was the youngest DJ. They even booed me, calling me a baby when I went up to play ... I was happy with third place for my first battle, though.

VW: What keeps you at the top of your game?

CJ: Not really sure ... I’ve lost all my good looks, and my million-dollar smile so it’s gotta be the music ... I guess it’s because I’m constantly pumping out big sets and still on top of my production and remixes. I enjoy what I do and struggled hard to get where I am.

VW: What’s new with your label VIP DUBS?

CJ: It will be relaunching with its biggest project, Capital J: 20yrs in the Game, featuring my favorite drum ’n’ bass and dubstep producers — Heavy Hittahz and Serjah9 from California, Locked and Earbalist from Canada — remixing my classic releases from over the years.

VW: Tell us something interesting that’s happened during this tour.

CJ: In Graz, Austria — the Terminator’s hometown — they were expecting 400 to 500 people to turn up, but it happened to be the first hot weekend of the year in Austria, so I guess when it gets hot there people skip on the clubs and do stuff outdoors. So the grand total turnout was five people! Two were the opening DJs, and one was the promoter’s wife! I didn’t feel so bad, though. Goldie played the night before to only 50 people. But on the plus side, I will be returning to Austria in the fall, this time with Andy C, so we’ll try to see if we get more than five people.

Capital J, tonight from 10pm to 4:30am at Luxy, 5F, 201, Zhongxiao E Rd Sec 4, Taipei City (台北市忠孝東路四段201號5樓). Tel: (02) 2772-1000. On the Net: NT$600 at the door.


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