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A family falls apart after the death of the family matriarch in Short One Player Theater Troupe’s (三缺一劇團) latest work An Obituary Written by Everybody (大家一起寫訃文).

Crown Art Center Theater (皇冠小劇場), B1, 50, Ln 120, Dunhua N Rd, Taipei (台北市敦化北路120巷50號B1)

Tonight, tomorrow and Thursday at 7:30pm and tomorrow and Sunday at 2:30pm

Tickets are NT$450, available through NTCH ticketing

Wu-Yi Wei-Ji (無以為繼) tells the story of a scriptwriter who, because he lacks inspiration, plagiarizes the work of others to maintain his creative output.

Somebody Cafe (貳拾陸巷), 2F, 131 Xining S Rd, Taipei City (台北市西寧南路131號2樓)

Tomorrow and Sunday at 2:30pm and Sunday at 8pm

Tickets are NT$200, available through NTCH ticketing

The Stronger is based on August Strindberg’s play of the same name which uses two nameless women to investigate the nature of interpersonal relationships.

Guling Street Theater (牯嶺街小劇場), 2, Ln 5, Guling St, Taipei City (台北市牯嶺街5巷2號)

Sunday at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Tickets are NT$250, available through NTCH ticketing

Ether Space by Shang Orientheatre (上默劇團) is a one-woman meditative exploration of Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Accompanied by two musicians, the work seeks to recreate the existence of a hermit living close to nature and incorporates the elements of wind and water.

Taipei Artist Village (台北國際藝術村), 7 Beiping E Rd, Taipei City (台北市北平東路7號)

Today, tomorrow and Sunday at 7:30pm

Tickets are NT$400, available through NTCH ticketing

The Story of the Tiger is a solo performance by actor-director Chongtham Jayanta Meetei and is based on Dario Fo’s A Tale of a Tiger.

Red House Theater (西門紅樓), 10 Chengdu Rd, Taipei City (台北市成都路10號)

Tonight and tomorrow at 8pm



The Zen drumming group U-Theater, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, premieres its latest production at Taichung’s Chungshan Hall this weekend, kicking off a four-city tour that will take it to Hsinchu next weekend, the National Theatre in Taipei for five performances beginning Sept. 18, and finally Tainan on Sept. 27.

The Walk was inspired by the group’s experiences during their yun jiao (雲腳) traipse around Taiwan this spring, when they racked up some pretty impressive numbers: 50 days on the road, 100 townships, 1,200km, and more than a score of performances along the way. Yun jiao basically means to walk with a clear mind. It’s a form of mediation on the move, and the round-the-island pilgrimage was the company’s longest to date.

The Walk features some carefully choreographed segments where the performers move up, down and across the stage, beating small drums carried in their left arms in formations as complex as a US university’s marching band’s half-time performance. Company founder and director Liu Ruo-yu (劉若瑀) said the troupe’s members were overwhelmed by the kindness of people they met on their journey, and the offers of food, drink and lodging they received, and this is reflected in their new production. — Diane Baker

U-Theater, The Walk

Tomorrow at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm, Taichung Chungshan Hall (台中市中山堂), 98 Hsuehshi Rd, Taichung City (台中市學士路98號)

From NT$400 to NT$2,500 or call 02-3393-9888

Tickets are NT$350, available through NTCH ticketing

Mint, Rosemary and the Flower With No Name investigates the relationships between women and focuses on a lesbian searching for love and meaning.

Nanhai Gallery (南海藝廊), 3, Ln 19, Chongqing S Rd Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市重慶南路二段19巷3號)

Tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 7:30pm

NT$350 tickets are available by calling (09) 2731-6048

Formosa (島上) is a narrative-driven play that examines the enormous sociopolitical changes that have occurred on Taiwan over the past 30 years through the a love story that tells of a political prisoner, named Peter, who when released becomes a politician, and Marilyn, the woman he adores. But Peter will eventually have to make a choice between Marilyn and the political ideas he has sworn to uphold.

Huashan Culture Park (華山創意文化園區), 1, Bade Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市八德路一段1號)

Today at 2:30pm and 7:30pm and tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Tickets are NT$300, available through NTCH ticketing

The long-anticipated, Chinese-language production of Shakespeare’s Othello (針鋒對決) by the Godot Theater Company (果陀劇場) continues, this week in Hsinchu, with headliners Li Li-qun (李立群) and Chin Shih-jie (金士傑), two of Taiwan’s most accomplished stage actors.

Tomorrow and Sunday at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Hsinchu Municipal Performance Hall (新竹市立演藝廳), 17 Tungta Rd Sec 2, Hsinchu City (新竹市東大路二段17號)

Tickets are NT$500 to NT$4,000, available through TRCH ticketing or from Godot Theater Company at


Forum Music Weekend Concert Series — Hung Chia-hui Piano Recital (十方樂集週末音樂會系列 - 洪佳穗鋼琴獨奏會) sees local pianist Hung Chia-hui (洪佳穗) perform a program that includes Beethoven’s Sonata No.14 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27 “Moonlight”, Yi-Chen Tsai’s (蔡宜真) Prayer (祈禱), Listz’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor, and Schubert’s Sonata in B-Flat Major.

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