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The biggest extravaganza taking place in Chinese-speaking showbiz circles this week is TV hostess Momoko Tao (陶子) and her actor fiance Lee Lee-ren's (李李仁) wedding ceremony on Tuesday. Local media said Tao had launched an "air-raid" on stars on both sides of the Strait with over 500 red bombshells, or wedding invitations. Among the celebrities who can't make the wedding but promised to give the happy couple big fat red envelopes are Jackie Cheung (張學友), Kelly Chan (陳慧琳) and Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武).

Tao's close friend, Chinese singer Na Ying (那英) reportedly blurted out her true feelings via a private phonecall with Tao. "You really have the guts to ask for wedding money as far away as Beijing?" Na is quoted as saying in a Chinese-language daily.

Family values are back in fashion with stars tying the knot and having babies all over the place. Sexy mom Chen Xiao-xuan (陳孝萱) and her TV producer husband Zhan Ren-xiong (詹仁雄) threw a NT$1.2 million banquet to celebrate their baby boy's two-month birthday.

Curiously, the former victim of domestic violence Wang Jing-yin (王靜瑩) was seen attending the event hand-in-hand with her supposedly aggressive husband Chen Wei-tao (陳威陶). Wang assured the press that, "We are ok now."

Roving reporters turned their attention to the sexy mom's erstwhile boyfriend, TV host Jackie Wu (吳宗憲), for comments on the marriage. Wu didn't say much but his assistant popped out an improper question: "Does the baby look like Wu?" Thankfully, the self-proclaimed TV king knew common decency dictated that he shouldn't make a joke out of the matter.

But Wu didn't keep his month shut about his former buddy Hu Gua's (胡瓜) compulsive gambling drive. "Hu likes to gamble overseas, and often lost lots of money. He might lose up to NT$100 million during a single trip to Macau's casinos," Wu is quoted as saying in the Liberty Times.

As rumors of Hu's cheating at an illegal gambling joint mount, his market value seems to be rapidly going down. The scandal has so far cost him millions of dollars in missed opportunities to host year-end TV shows and wei ya (尾牙) parties, the private year-end banquets held by big companies as a token of appreciation for employees' hard work.

Mando-pop queen A-mei(阿妹), on the other hand, remains the most sought-after pop idol to entertain the common people at wei ya events.

A-mei's agent said the star's fee for wei ya shows will stay the same despite increasing market demand, that is, NT$3 million for a single show. Simple math suggests the star's year-end bonuses from local enterprises could easily exceed hundreds of millions of bucks.

A-mei proved a hit at the gay bar Funky on Hangzhou S Rd, Taipei (台北市杭州南路). The Aboriginal singer went to the bar with friends last Friday and immediately won the hearts of the attendant tribe of dancing queens with her down-to-earth friendliness. Even the occasionally bitchy queens there agreed she was the most dazzling diva of the night.

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) has reportedly suffered from anxiety attacks over the lackluster sales of her latest album A Perfect Day (完美的一天) and expressed her wish to take a second breather from the music industry. The reputedly neurotic star probably should consider the possibility that she might not be cut out for the entertainment business after all.

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