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‘Two countries, one system’ is here

By Tzou Jiing-wen 鄒景雯

In the end, what has changed? Empty words do not have much effect, so the nation is facing a crisis of government.

As Chinese forces are moving in fast and unhindered, the introduction of the much-feared “two countries, one system” is taking place before people’s eyes.

It is far from sufficient for the government to merely describe what is going on and explain the causes. It must come up with a concrete solution or lose all power.

Why do Taiwanese media outlets ignore public complaints and fall over each other to attend events that are more about China’s “united front” tactics than news reporting?

One possible explanation is that the overall benefits offered to these outlets and their owners by China far outweigh any profit they can make in the Taiwanese market, and that is why they voluntarily introduce China’s designs on Taiwan.

A capable government would not lack the necessary policy tools to effectively address this problem, so why is the government talking instead of taking action?

If the government does nothing to address the deteriorating “two countries, one system” situation, why bother opposing “one country, two systems”? That is a serious thing to say, but does that mean that it is wrong?

Tzou Jiing-wen is editor-in-chief of the Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister newspaper).

Translated by Perry Svensson

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