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A movement for reform

Conservative forces and vested interests in Taiwan have a negative view of the Sunflower movement, while for those who want reform and advancement in Taiwan, the movement was of multifaceted significance. The students’ courage, rationality, knowledge, enthusiasm, stamina, intelligence and vitality were brought into full play during the movement. They are Taiwan’s hope.

The deepest impression left by the appearance of the movement was its organization, peacefulness and rationality. The planning of the action, preservation of order at the site, acceptance, preservation and division of materials and resources, maintenance of a clean environment, collection of garbage, management, healthcare, hygiene, allocation of equipment and materials, and the organization of the action: Their management capabilities stunned business circles and showed that they understood networks.

The movement’s internal operations were reminiscent of a government framework, with a command center, spokespeople and a task force issuing information to the outside world. Seeing their abilities, many well-known people said that the future of the country could be placed in their hands.

The Sunflower movement was like a litmus test for determining who in Taiwan opposed reform and who wants it.

However, those who always oppose reform are often those who gain from it. They do nothing to contribute to the reform effort, and actually try to destroy it and spread a culture of hate; this seems to have always been the case, ever since ancient times.

While frustrating, history teaches us that those who engage in reform do not care about enjoying the fruits of their efforts. They understand that reform is hard, but they are always willing to choose this hardship over pleasure or happiness.

Kao Chuan-yi


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