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Norway, the Olympics and Taiwan

By Jerome Keating

In this spirit, such sports are to be placed at “the service of harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.”

These goals are all in line with the spirit of Taiwan’s democracy and nationhood, and by its continued participation, Taiwan acknowledges this and states it to the world.

This year, Taiwan only had four athletes participate in two sports at the Winter Olympics.

They did not win any medals, nonetheless they showed up and participated with effort and showed that Taiwan was there.

Not as the Republic of China or under the ridiculous name “Chinese Taipei” has Taiwan ever won a single medal at the Winter Games, but it is not a reason to avoid the Winter Olympics or discourage participation in future Games.

Instead, Taiwan’s presence continues to show that it is in sync with the goals of the Olympic charter and that this is a much more valuable goal than winning medals.

Taiwan with its 23 million people can, if it wants, choose to look at Norway’s success as a source of inspiration or if that success seems too distant, then there is Liechtenstein, a nation that some might even have trouble finding on a map.

It has a population of 38,000, yet it won one Winter Olympics medal.

Liechtenstein lived the spirit and won with a pool of only 38,000 people, providing a reachable goal for mid-sized Taiwan.

As for the name Chinese Taipei, that is an another challenge to be settled and won on the world’s stage outside the Olympic Games.

Jerome Keating is a writer based in Taipei.

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