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Chinese infiltration not unnoticed

By Parris Chang 張旭成

Her report recommends that New Zealand follow Australia’s example by paying serious heed to China’s political influence and infiltration and taking measures to counter it.

The report also says that the CCP’s overseas infiltration has increased since Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) became China’s paramount leader, and that its aim is to undermine Western countries’ national sovereignty and change their political systems.

According to reports published in The Economist and the New York Times, Beijing is not always successful in its efforts to infiltrate democratic nations or take advantage of the openness of the US, Canadian and European markets to make large-scale acquisitions of companies in those nations.

As well as the US, Australia and New Zealand, national security agencies in Germany and Canada have sounded the alarm about China’s malevolent infiltration and political maneuvers and have begun to take countermeasures.

Parris Chang is a former deputy secretary-general of the National Security Council.

Translated by Julian Clegg

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