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The Liberty Times Editorial: KMT is still a danger to democracy

Worshiping the Chiangs or paying them homage is not merely a personal habit, it also represents hatred of democracy and a preference for one-party dictatorship. In these people’s eyes, even China should remain authoritarian and never become a democracy.

The KMT and the CCP are effectively brothers. From the view that “gentlemen cannot coexist with thugs” and the abandonment of resistance to communism to the promotion of unification, the KMT is casting off its mask of democracy. It aspires to a return to the Chiangs’ authoritarian party-state, which has already ceased to exist, to integrate Taiwan into another, existing, authoritarian party-state.

If Taiwanese people were not aware of the KMT’s dangerous atavistic tendencies during the 2008 elections, they were abundantly clear by the 2016 elections. As the party continues to speak about “the leaders,” “our grandfathers” and “our fathers,” and placing itself outside of Taiwan’s surging democracy, the political choice presented to the Taiwanese people is one between “genuine democracy” and “fake democracy.”

By contrast, the main political parties outside the pan-blue and pro-unification camps have been democratic from the start. Regardless of their different political inclinations, they at least respect the public’s free will and do not lecture the public on how to conform to a patriarchal system. These parties also acknowledge that Taiwan’s ultimate destination should not be determined by an imaginary space framed by dogma, but by its 23.5 million people.

There is a lesson to be learned from Ma’s authoritarian tendencies, while an external challenge is posed by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s (習近平) authoritarian tack.

How to make the best use of the energy provided by democracy to ensure that “true democracy” remains firmly standing is a task that the Taiwanese must take upon themselves.

Taiwan in 2016 had a chance to escape a combined attack by the KMT and the CCP. As we are faced with even more severe attempts at exhausting Taiwan, and buying off the powerful and rich, while military aircraft and navy vessels encircle the nation and intimidation increases, will there be another chance to escape chaos and set things right again?

Returning ill-gotten party assets and implementing transitional justice should be seen as ways to facilitate the KMT becoming a Taiwanese party. It is a pity that forces within the KMT pulling in different directions continue to safeguard the idea of a “Chinese Nationalist Party” and refuse to make it the “Taiwanese Nationalist Party,” not to mention a “Democratic Nationalist Party.”

Behind a veil of equal and democratic competition, there are turbulent undercurrents surging with the help of the enemy as the forces of fake democracy and those opposed to democracy join hands to overthrow Taiwan’s freedom and self-governance.

Therefore, the DPP should be putting much more effort into meeting public expectations by focusing on policies that can be felt by all Taiwanese, lest it stumble and bring about another power transition, which would set off a domino effect leading to the crash of democracy.

If the government has the guts to say “Then why else did you vote for Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文)?” it should bear the full wight of having complete control of both the Executive Yuan and legislature. Taiwan needs a strategy to protect the public’s free will and consolidate the nation’s self-governance and independence.

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