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Nuclear power is not the answer

By Tsai Ya-ying 蔡雅瀅

At the Mihama Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, four people died and seven were injured, and four people died at the Surry Nuclear Power Plant in the US, all because of problems caused by old and damaged pipes, but at a nuclear station, the consequences can be much more severe.

At the Longmen plant, which has never been started, project management has been inferior, several floods have led to rust and corrosion and even after it was closed, there have been problems with dampness.

Instead of continuing to keep it closed, it should be abandoned so that the money spent on the plant can be used to enhance energy saving measures.

The revival of high-risk nuclear power is not the solution to Taiwan’s energy problems. The only sustainable solution is to implement energy saving measures, improve energy management and gradually replace highly polluting energy generation with low-pollution energy sources.

The repair of the toppled transmission tower is almost completed, and the nation’s ability to make it through this unexpected shortage should be enough to prove that Taiwan is capable of realizing a nuclear-free society by relying on energy savings and management.

Tsai Ya-ying is a lawyer at the Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association.

Translated by Perry Svensson

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