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How we got here:
DNA points to a single
migration from Africa

Separate studies of diverse groups of humans all found that modern humans originated from one exodus from Africa

By Carl Zimmer  /  NY Times News Service

“They may have not been technologically advanced, living in small groups,” Pagani said. “Maybe it was easy for a major later wave that was more successful to wipe them out.”

The new research also suggests that the splintering of the human tree began earlier than experts had suspected.

Reich and his colleagues probed their data for the oldest evidence of human groups genetically separating from one another.

They found that the ancestors of the Khoisan, hunter-gatherers living in southern Africa, began to split off from other living humans about 200,000 years ago and were fully isolated by 100,000 years ago. That finding hints that our ancestors had already evolved behaviors seen in living humans, such as language, 200,000 years ago.

Why leave Africa at all? Scientists have found some clues as to that mystery, too.

In a fourth paper in Nature, researchers described a computer model of Earth’s recent climatic and ecological history. It shows that changing rainfall patterns periodically opened up corridors from Africa into Eurasia that humans might have followed in search of food.

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