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The Liberty Times Editorial: China should work to improve ties

This would not send Taiwanese into a panic over a potential wave of severed diplomatic relations, but it would deepen their dislike for China, as well as bringing about a pragmatic evaluation of the nation’s diplomatic allies and a move toward closer relations with democracies such as the US and Japan.

China is turning its back on Taiwanese public opinion because of the CCP’s nature and because its way of doing things as a united front is running into problems. The party’s authoritarian and dictatorial qualities cause it regard democracy and dissent as enemies, and this fills it with hostility and covetous ambition toward democratic Taiwan. It has organized united fronts against Taiwan through its political and business representatives in the nation, but the public is irritated by the fact that all the profits are going into the representatives’ pockets.

In addition, China has opposed Taiwanese public opinion through smear campaigns directed by pro-Chinese media outlets and it has hurt Taiwanese’s feelings by oppressing the nation in the international community.

As a result, the public’s dislike for China has grown, as it has been growing in Hong Kong. Perhaps China should reflect over its own actions and ask itself why neighboring nations are taking a dislike to it during its rise to become a major power.

A Chinese saying goes: “Keep those close to you happy and those who are distant will soon join you.”

However, China is doing the opposite. Despite its status as a major global power, it is unable to make a favorable impression on other nations.

Since Tsai was elected in a landslide victory, she would be able to speak on behalf of the nation in her inaugural address, highlighting Taiwan’s status as a sovereign state.

Even if the US is concerned with the content of her speech, it is unlikely that Washington would intervene publicly.

However, China repeatedly intervened in her upcoming speech by commenting on what she should and should not say, setting preconditions, drawing “red lines” and making irresponsible remarks both directly and indirectly, which is causing irritation among Taiwanese.

It would be impossible for Tsai to please all sides with her inaugural address, so she should prioritize her responsibility toward Taiwanese. More importantly, Taiwanese have no claims over the territories of neighboring nations, including China, nor do they force others to be Taiwanese.

At a time when a new president is about to take office and a new political situation is about to begin, Taiwan should declare to the international community that although it is facing difficulties, it deserves a higher level of recognition. It would benefit peace and prosperity not only in East Asia, but in the entire world.

In terms of cross-strait relations between Taiwan and China, the threat of conflict never comes from Taiwan and obstacles to the relationship are not caused by it. In other words, the ball is, in fact, in China’s court.

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