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Making the case for Bernie

Dear Americans,

This is a response to Joshua Chengyung Fu’s letter (Letter to Sanders supporters, p.8, March 19).

Fu writes that some US Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders supporters, or “Bernie Bros,” have said they would not vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

There is no such thing as the “Bernie Bros.” The “Bernie Bros” myth began with just two tweets from two individual users. One of the tweets cited comes from someone who is not even a Sanders supporter.

Fu is also concerned that US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump might become president.

If you are concerned about Trump then vote for Sanders, because the polls indicate that Sanders would beat Trump in the US presidental election.

Finally, Fu says that Clinton and Sanders supporters have the same goals.

We do not.

Clinton wants to expand US President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms — known as “Obamacare” — to more people.

Sanders wants to make healthcare available to everyone, just as it is in Taiwan, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Clinton wants to make studying at university less expensive.

Sanders wants to make it free just, as it is in England (sic), France, Germany and Scandinavia.

According to polls, the US states due to vote next all favor Sanders. Sanders is set to win the nomination and the presidency.

To think that the choice of Clinton is inevitable, that Sanders is too liberal and that the US is not ready for a “socialist” president is similar to saying that in 2008 Clinton was the inevitable choice and that Obama was too liberal and the US was not ready for a black president.

My fellow Americans, please register to vote at the American Institute in Taiwan, then vote for Sanders.

Andres Chang


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