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Stop ignoring Sanders

The Taipei Times and the rest of the media need to stop ignoring US Senator Bernie Sanders. The Taipei Times recently printed an editorial (“Clinton takes debt-free higher education from progressive to mainstream,” Aug. 14, page 9) that also appeared in The Guardian, which talked about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s plan to make university in the US more affordable. It only mentioned Sanders twice. The rest of the editorial was about Clinton. Clinton’s plan is to reduce student loan debt. Sanders’ plan is to make university free. This is yet another example where the US is wrong and other wealthy democracies are right. University is already free in Germany and Scandinavia.

Another example is that everyone in Taiwan, Canada, Europe and Japan has healthcare. The US still does not have universal healthcare. Another example is that Taiwan, Canada, Europe and Japan all have strict gun laws and less gun violence than the US. The US does not have strict gun laws and they have more gun violence than Taiwan, Canada, Europe and Japan.

I previously believed that Republican candidate Jeb Bush would be the next president. That was before Sanders entered the race. Sanders is to the left of Clinton and draws the biggest crowds. Just like US President Barack Obama did back in 2008 when many thought that President Hillary was inevitable. And Sanders has an advantage that Obama did not: the Republican primary. Bush will be the nominee because it is his turn, he is the establishment and he is the most boring. Just like Mitt Romney. And he will lose just like Romney. Sanders will be the next US president. Stop ignoring him.

Andres Chang


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