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An annoying neighbor

Two days after the eruption of the Korean War on June 27, 1950, then-US president Harry Truman issued his famous statement about Formosa: “Accordingly, I have ordered the 7th Fleet to prevent any attack on Formosa. As a corollary of this action, I am calling upon the Chinese Government on Formosa to cease all air and sea operations against the mainland. The 7th Fleet will see that this is done. The determination of the future status of Formosa must await the restoration of security in the Pacific, a peace settlement with Japan, or consideration by the UN.”

The Taiwan Strait was then divided by an invisible central line, which both Taiwan and China have used as a line of defense ever since.

China took advantage of President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) dream of unification when it said on Monday last week that it would open four new flight routes on March 5, including one (M503) that will be just 7.8km from the Strait’s median.

Taiwan and China had discussed M503, but did not reach a conclusion before China announced the new route.

With M503 so close to the Strait’s median, the Chinese air force can easily cross the line to invade Taiwan’s air space. Is Taiwan ready to fight?

Unfortunately, there has been no strong protest from the Ma administration.

China should stop using the threat of force against Taiwan and be a good neighbor instead. Taiwan is not part of China, please leave Taiwan alone.

John Hsieh

Hayward, California

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