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Surrogacy ban needs to be lifted

By Chen Gau-tzu 陳昭姿

The reimbursement aspect of surrogacy should be dealt with. The Act of Gender Equality in Employment (兩性工作平等法) states that women should be reimbursed when they perform household chores.

If people are worried about commercial activity and its implications, then marriage should be prohibited because marriage contains more commercial activity than anything else.

Finally, everyone should remember to place themselves in other people’s shoes and allow people to pursue their own happiness, as this is the highest expression of kindness.

Destiny is fair. It could be your daughter, sister or the love of your life in need of surrogacy, and if that happens, will you say that surrogacy involves high-class women giving money to low-class women to have children for them?

Chen Gau-tzu is a surrogacy advocate and director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training at the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-sen Cancer Center.

Translated by Drew Cameron

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