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Time for the DPP to begin leading

By Lin Cho-shui 林濁水

According to figures released on Sept. 30 from the Taiwan Indicators Survey Research, 54.2 percent of the public supports the legislative speaker’s use of the police when lawmakers occupy the podium to block legislative procedures. Does the DPP really want to exacerbate the confrontations in the legislature? Perhaps it should pay attention to what the public is saying.

The DPP’s preparation for regaining power should not be limited to policymaking. It should also recruit talent and persuade the ruling and opposition camps, as well as the public, to amend the Republic of China (ROC) Constitution again.

The experience of Chen’s and Ma’s rule over the past 13 years has proven that the incomplete Constitution no longer reflects the public mood and it can hardly ease conflicts over values or policy. Since the constitutional system itself has become the source of chaos, the government is moribund, while national development falters.

No matter what, amending the Constitution again is the only way to prevent anyone from repeating Chen’s and Ma’s mistakes.

Lin Cho-shui is a former Democratic Progressive Party legislator.

Translated by Eddy Chang

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