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People must battle to change military

By Paul Lin 林保華

Similarly, due to the coldness of their society, Taiwanese are gradually losing their sovereignty and democracy. Nobody seems to be taking these developments seriously. Once the nation really perishes, more than a few people will die.

Ma is a great example of indifference to justice and life. He will sob over the number of people voting in the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) chairmanship election, as he did at a rally on July 16, and he will shed tears before the portraits of past dictators, but he has no tears left for the destitution of the poor, the victims of natural disasters or soldiers who have died wrongful deaths.

Nevertheless, there is still some hope that change will be effected after Deputy Minister of National Defense Andrew Yang (楊念祖) pledged that the ministry will use the incident for a turning point to change.

The military should replace all incompetent officers, get rid of its outdated ideology and build a new army that will fight for the people of Taiwan. This will determine whether Taiwan flourishes or perishes.

Paul Lin is a political commentator.

Translated by Eddy Chang

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