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The Liberty Times Editorial: Ma consistently passes the buck

Under the KMT’s new party-state system, Ma controls the Cabinet and other government agencies from the Presidential Office without having to take any responsibility.

Moreover, under the cover of his KMT chairmanship, he controls more issues under the table, also without having to take any responsibility. The KMT even gave Su a Lunar New Year present, asking him to take full responsibility. This is not the place to further debate democracy with these KMT party hacks.

According to their theory, Su should be punished if the government fails to achieve the “3-4-5” goal. Why do they not simply say that whoever disapproves of Ma’s conduct, and thus contributes to his 13 percent approval rating, should be sent off to labor reform to be brainwashed?

Everything from the fuel and electricity price hikes to the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant following the presidential election last year shows that as Ma serves concurrently as the KMT chairman, the party’s heavyweights — including the premier, the legislative speaker, the presidents of the Examination, Judicial and Control yuans and legislators — must listen to this “dictator.” Although he is unpopular, he is still powerful and can do whatever he wants.

All he cares about is a third term as KMT chairman and his historical legacy. Everyone else is expendable. Now that the Taiwanese public, the masters of the country, have dumped their 13 percent president, the question is: Will the KMT also go down with their “dictator”?

Translated by Eddy Chang

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