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The need for our military

The media has recently been reporting about the pensions of retired civil servants and military personnel. People are saying that public servants work less, yet still receive a very generous salary. They particularly mention the military.

As a military school third-grade student, I think we need to let the public understand what these future defense cadres do, to avoid the misconception that we are merely leeches, with high and steady salaries and have nothing to do.

With the continued ease in cross-strait relations, there is a very low probability of war and most people think is impossible to cause war.

However, if you think this, you are completely wrong.

As an old saying goes: body in tribulations, die happiness.

In modern society, although it may seem on the surface that the situation is peaceful and stable, under the table there is often a surging undercurrent. In this case that China has never abandoned the collection of Taiwan’s situation.

Imagine if a war broke out now. Without the military, who would protect Taiwan?

With the implementation of a volunteer-based armed force, national defense capabilities should be strengthened.

However, if everyone thinks that we are useless and makes calls for the defense budget to be slashed, how will the military attract the best people?

I urge the government and public to consider the possibility of war and not to overlook the importance of national defense forces.

After all, without a country there is no home at all.

Anderson Wong

New Taipei City

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