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Only in Taiwan

Only in Taiwan is the candidate who lost the presidential election more popular than the re-elected president. The well-educated president is “incompetent” and Taiwanese are helpless and must suffer for the next four years.

Only in Taiwan does the president not care about the 1,500 missiles China has aimed at Taiwan. In contrast, the late US president John F. Kennedy treated the Soviet Union’s deployment of a few missiles in Cuba as a crisis.

Only in Taiwan is the constitution obsolete and out of touch with reality. The claimed territories include Taiwan, China, Mongolia and Tibet. The president uses this old constitution and the so-called “1992 consensus” to justify his “one China” policy.

Only in Taiwan does the president implement a China-dependent economic policy after heavy capital and high-tech investments in China. His final destination is China.

Only in Taiwan do some academics think Taiwan should negotiate politically with China if China agrees to democratize. What are they thinking?

Only in Taiwan are people confused about their nationality. Their passports indicate the Republic of China (Taiwan), but the International Olympic Committee and other organizations label Taiwan as “Chinese Taipei.” Hong Kong is not called “Chinese Hong Kong.”

Only in Taiwan do all necessary and sufficient conditions of a nation exist, yet still Taiwan is not even recognized by the US. The US president has completely given up on Taiwan’s application for UN membership and instead promotes a “diplomatic ceasefire.”

Only in Taiwan are politicians with Taiwanese consciousness often discriminated against as “local” (本土派). Unless Taiwan is a colony of a foreign country, shouldn’t all politicians be Taiwanese and have a strong love for Taiwan?

Only in Taiwan is the judicial system partial. The courts are “operated by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)” and “punish the green but acquit the blue.” “The law will turn when it meets Ma.” Nothing is done to confiscate the KMT’s vast illegal assets.

Only in Taiwan are students educated with a focus more on the history and geography of China than of Taiwan. The history of Taiwan is often biased or twisted.

Taiwan is far from a normal democracy.

Charles Hong

Columbus, Ohio

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