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Remembering a son of Taiwan

By Li Thian-hok 李天福

In January last year, WUFI-USA organized a conference in Houston. After having served as head of the diplomacy committee since 1997, the central committee had decided to abolish the committee as a part of a reorganization. I made a farewell speech to the members and thanked the brothers and sisters who donated to my project to publish a book (America’s Security and Taiwan’s Freedom, Xlibris, 2010).

Later, Chiau-tong asked me if there was a minimum donation for the book project. I said no. Later, he gave me a small envelope. A note on the outside said: “Small gift for a great book.” Inside there were four crisp Ben Franklins, probably part of his traveling money. This was the last time I saw brother Chiau-tong.

Chiau-tong’s life-long devotion to the cause of Taiwan independence is well known. The 1 million hand-to-hand demonstration he directed in cooperation with Lee is well-remembered, because it was a critical factor in Chen’s re-election in 2004. Chiau-tong’s forthright and sanguine personality and his candid and unique sense of humor are also widely known. What I cherish most, however, are his warm and caring nature and his generous spirit.

Chiau-tong was indeed a worthy son of Taiwan.

Li Thian-hok is a freelance commentator based in Pennsylvania.

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