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Johnny Neihu's Mailbag

A woolly good idea

Dear Johnny,

My name is Bill, and although I am not Taiwanese, I live in your beautiful country and enjoy your incredible culture.

Taiwan to me, is a very Unique Country and different to any other I have traveled in. It is safe, clean and free. You also have (or did have) freedom of the press, where everyone can have a say and voice their opinion, and Taiwanese people love to do this, which adds to this vibrant and energetic lifestyle you have here.

So anyway, as I was descending Yushan the other day in my nice warm Merino woollen jersey, I had an idea.

I know a local lady that can knit very interesting and realistic creatures. I love them; she has great imagination. So I was wondering: Would it be possible for her to knit and sew two beautiful panda suits — one for President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and one for his deputy?

We could put them in the zoo, and send the real Yuan-yuan and Tuan-tuan back to China where they belong. I know the zoo would lose a lot of money, but my friend would gain heaps from all the advertising.

I am sure President Ma would be happy. She could even knit him a little flag of his choice to wave to the crowds.

Oh well, just an idea.

If this seems a bit too difficult, could we just call the bears “Ma” and “Pa” and knit them both a woolly jumper, and some nice cuddly toys?


PS: I love the deep green color for the woolly jumper.

Johnny replies: In my homeland, there is no such thing as too cute. I strongly endorse your suggestion, and would suggest your friend set up a stall outside Taipei Zoo.

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