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First, China would cut ties, therefore losing influence with those countries.

Second, the countries would cease falling prey to China’s colonial exploitation and receive help from Taiwan that would see genuine improvements in quality of life — medical, agricultural or industrial. Such help would not have the gargantuan chains attached that China’s has.

Third, China’s corrupting and election-subverting authoritarian influences on these nations would be minimized.

Fourth, Taiwan’s democracy would become their model for the path to the future. Fifth, the US would not have to be directly involved in any of these allies’ affairs.

Of course, the US itself should recognize Taiwan. Then it could have a peace-loving, democracy-spreading partner, and this would be for the good of the world community.



The wagging tail

President Ma Ying-jeou was called “great President Ma” in sign language at a gathering to promote the 2009 Deaflympics in Taipei, and he enjoyed it. A Taipei City Government official called him “very great President Ma” as he opened the main gate of Taipei’s Confucius Temple to welcome the president like an emperor.

Ma has also been described as stupid on several occasions. A female senior high school student quoted a popular new saying — “A bad president is gone, here comes a stupid president” — and wondered what Taiwan would become by the time she graduates from college, according to the Liberty Times.

If Ma is so great, why is his approval rating so low? If Ma is so great, why is his administration so often called mediocre? If Ma is so great, how could he agree to abandon his presidential title — which more than 7 million voters presented to him — when a Chinese official visits Taiwan later this year?

People in Taiwan expect Ma to be as wise as any other Harvard graduate.

Sadly, to date, Ma has acted like a tail wagging for China: He has asked the Taiwanese media not to criticize China; he has enjoyed the fruits of democracy but worships dictatorship instead; he claimed to be Taiwanese during the election campaign but has been destroying Taiwanese identity ever since; he has done more for China’s leaders than for the Taiwanese people; and he even wants to serve for another term!

What will Taiwan become, indeed.


Columbus, Ohio

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