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Letters: The English isn't that bad

Many letters to the editor in this newspaper have correctly pointed out some important aspects of English education in this country, and how it needs improvement. I hope the nation's educators are listening. However, it has been my experience, and it's my view, that young Taiwanese have made giant strides in the last 10 years or so in learning English. Rather than always criticizing the current state of English learning, why not offer some positive words of encouragement for a change?

On a daily basis I see high school students, college students and graduate students from all over Taiwan who speak English very well and can comfortably communicate with foreigners in English. Let's give them some credit. Let's congratulate the younger generation for learning English and making it part of their daily lives.

Compared to Japan, where people speak the most atrocious English on the planet -- just kidding -- Taiwan is doing a very good job of absorbing English, and things will only get better as time goes on.

I give the Taiwanese high marks for their English skills, and while there is still much improvement that needs to be made, of course, I think they have been doing a very good job of learning English and incorporating it into their daily lives. Look at the bright side. Things are much better now than they were 10 years ago. English is more or less the unofficial second language of Taiwan right now. This is a huge accomplishment. And things will only get better.

Dan Bloom


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