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Letters: Stop cruelty in restaurants

We are glad that live fish has been taken off the menu of the restaurant mentioned in your article ("Restaurant owner heavily criticized for serving live fish," July 9, page 2). It seems ridiculous to have to point this out, but deep-frying a fish while it is still alive and serving the suffering animal to diners is not only gross, it's cruel.

After surveying the scientific evidence of fish pain and intelligence, researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada concluded that fish feel pain and that "the welfare of fish requires consideration."

Researchers who conducted a two-year study on pain experienced by fish at the Roslin Institute in Scotland reached the same conclusion.

Bored restaurant-goers looking for something new and exciting should skip the live fish.

After all, there's nothing "new" about cruelty to animals. It happens every day in slaughterhouses and restaurant kitchens. PETA recommends another delicacy instead: tofu.

Rochelle Regodon

Asia-Pacific campaigning

manager, PETA

Hong Kong

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