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Johnny Neihu's Mailbag

One very irritated reader takes Taiwan's immigration regulations to task, asking why the red carpet for foreign professionals is rolled up the moment they apply for a work visa.

What the government needs to do is revise its visa and work permit rules for professionals who want to work in the country. A very simple thing it could do is issue a conditional work permit on issuance of the visitor's visa so that the person can go to work immediately without fear of breaking the law. After all, isn't that why the government wants them there?

Mike Cunningham

Greenville, South Carolina

Johnny replies: Believe me, I sympathize with you and understand the frustrations of people in your position. All I can say is keep writing to let the authorities know of your concerns. Also, please give us some credit: We're still shaking off the residue of martial law and that takes time, especially when it comes to bureaucrats and government regulations.

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