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China behind N Korea, the 'reds'

By Paul Lin 林保華

On Oct. 9, North Korea conducted a nuclear test, drawing condemnation from the whole world; a day later, a veritable "red bomb of violence" in Taipei allowed the world to experience the "love and peace" of former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Shih Ming-teh (施明德) and his red-clad protesters. North Korea's bomb was the result of China turning a blind eye, and the red violence in Taipei was the product of Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) chairman, giving free reign to the protest.

After North Korea's nuclear test, the Chinese foreign ministry stated that the North Koreans had "brazenly conducted a nuclear test, and China expresses its strong opposition."

At the same time, China also "calls on all parties involved to respond calmly and strongly supports resolving the problem through negotiations and dialogue," a clear expression of disdain for the strong sanctions favored by the rest of the international community.

As North Korea conducted its test, China sat quietly in the background. Even ignoring Beijing's close alliance with North Korea, Chinese President Hu Jintao (胡錦濤) also issued a call to learn from Cuba and North Korea when he was appointed secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) four years ago. North Korea's economic difficulties are such that if Beijing ceased economic support and shut down Pyongyang's base for money laundering in Macau, the North Koreans would be unable to act as a warmonger.

China colluded with North Korea in the six-party talks to lie to the US and the international community just to buy time to increase Pyongyang's military prowess. And Beijing also allowed the North Koreans to move their center for money laundering to Zhuhai, China, after shutting down the Macau operation, and last November, Hu visited North Korea to give a gift of US$2 billion.

Some Hong Kong media cried that China and North Korea's military alliance was broken by the test and urged China to break off relations with North Korea. This is a statement made out of ignorance, if not an effort to cover up the crime of China's support for North Korea.

The nuclear test is a direct threat to the peace of East Asia, and so the defenses of South Korea, Japan and Taiwan must all be strengthened. The test is also sure to encourage Iran's arrogance and increase tensions in the Middle East.

Similarly, the red violence in Taipei is the product of Ma's non-action. He approved the unending protests that started on Sept. 9 by creating a legal loophole, causing Taipei and eventually all of Taiwan to fall into the blast radius of this exploding red violence. In addition, Ma only announced that last Tuesday's "siege" of the Presidential Office would be illegal the previous day, when it was already too late.

This is the same as China only expressing its condemnation of North Korea just before the July missile tests and saying they "would not protect" North Korea on the eve of the nuclear test. Both are completely insincere expressions from political hooligans intent on shrugging off responsibly.

The perpetrators of the red violence overrode the promise made by pan-blue legislators not to make a scene at the National Double Ten Day celebrations, and the resulting tumult harmed the nation's image. Nor did they pay any mind to the foreign dignitaries, instead shouting slogans and hitting their cars, causing American Institute in Taiwan Director Stephen Young to call for peace and politeness.

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