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Letter: Prepare for the rain to come

By Ma Hsiao-ling

The rainy season has arrived. It is common sense for people to carry an umbrella in this weather when they go out. But the concept of understanding a potential crisis is not at all common in Taiwan.

Regardless of government warnings, many businessmen and employers rushed to invest money in China. Short-term benefit obscured their judgment and they do not see that China is trying to divide Taiwan's government and people by offering preferential measures. They forgot there are no official ties between the two countries and that by investing in China, Taiwanese risk losing their advantages in agriculture and skills.

It's not just Taiwan that reminds people of the threat we are facing from China. Japan, the US and other countries have also highlighted how China is an unstable element in Asia. It is everyone's responsibility to be aware of these circumstances before it's too late.

Ma Hsiao-ling


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