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Letter: Don't blame pan-blues

By Gilman Grundy

In your editorial on the recent Pentagon report on China's military build up across the strait ("US defense paper misses one target," May 27, page 8), you write that the report is "incomplete" as it doesn't mention the activities of the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party).

Surely you are not trying to suggest that the US department of defense should interfere in Taiwan's internal affairs by casting all the blame for Taiwan's poor state of readiness on the shoulders of the pan-blue camp?

Isn't it exactly this kind of reliance on foreign powers to "put the smack-down" on any opposition to the independence project that does so much to undermine the very goals the pan-greens hold so dear? Arguments like this can only strengthen fears that an independent Taiwan would be a place in which the large section of the populous that is opposed to the policies of the Democratic Progressive Party and the Taiwan Solidarity Union could be safely ignored.

Gilman Grundy

Miaoli City

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