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Letter: What has the CCP learned?

By Aron Chiu

Forty years ago on May 16 the world was shocked by the atrocious Cultural Revolution, which started as a result of Mao Zedong's (毛澤東) political maneuvering. It opened a 10-year period of tragedy for the people of China. The nation was engulfed in a crazy atmosphere of conflict, society was shambolic, procreation stopped, technology regressed and people lived in a total state of chaos. Even China has admitted that the Cultural Revolution was "10 years of tragedy."

Even though in the memory of the people of China, that chaotic time has already passed, the arch-criminal of the tragedy -- the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) -- is still using the same delusive tactics to cover up its mistakes.

The CCP contradicts the events of the Tiananmen Square protests and June 4, 1989, and continues to block all appraisals of the handling of the SARS epidemic.

During the period when people were reviewing and trying to find out the truth about the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese government didn't allow people to talk about it with the media or in academic circles, because it "may have caused confusion for people" and "jeopardized social stability."

These actions stopped the people of China from rubbing salt in the CCP's wounds. Party cadres have never admitted that the Cultural Revolution was a result of a conflict within the CCP. They still don't believe that it was their mistake and that they were responsible for putting hundreds of millions of people through a tragic nightmare.

Nowadays, China avoids talking about that period and hopes it can suppress the emotions of those who suffered.

However, if China itself can't learn lessons from the past, if one day in the future the leaders of the CCP have another conflict, maybe the people of China and Taiwan will be the victims this time.

Forty years have passed, and now China is on the one hand pushing the development of its economy while hiding the truth about corruption; but on the other trying to show kindness to Taiwan with economic incentives.

What has China learned from the Cultural Revolution?

Aron Chiu


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