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Letter: Second-hand smoke

By Thomas Laprade

If the public was honestly and truthfully informed about the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, there would be fewer no-smoking laws in this country. Smoke from a handful of crushed leaves and some paper that is mixed with the air of a decently ventilated venue is harmful to your health? If anybody believes that, then I have a bridge I would like to sell them.

There has never been a single study showing that exposure to the low levels of smoke found in bars and restaurants with decent modern ventilation and filtration systems kills or harms anyone.

As to the annoyance of smoking, a compromise between smokers and non-smokers can be reached, through setting quality standards and using modern ventilation technology.

Air ventilation can easily create a comfortable environment that removes not just passive smoke, but also, and especially, the potentially serious contaminants that have nothing to do with smoking.

Thomas Laprade


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