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More good will and truth

By Chen Ming-chung

As far as "Chinese" on both sides of Taiwan Strait are concerned, no amount of good will from President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) will ever be enough. [Ma and Wang say recount is only one of the blues' tactics, May 11, page 3]. Like an athlete, you give an inch, he will want a foot.

The only "truth" the pan-blues demand is to confirm their wild, imaginary accusations. After decades of official or unofficial investigations, where is the "truth" of the Lafayette brigade scandal? The truth about the murders of Lin I-hsiung's family? Are the blues so capable of solving these murders that they demand Chen's government to do the same?

Chen should not have allowed any "recount" that is not prescribed by law. By now, it is painfully clear, this kind of good will is not appreciated by the blues. Rather, it is seen by the blues as one of Chen's weaknesses to be further exploited.

Chinese on both sides of the strait only respect and understand power. They are incapable of respecting themselves or others. As each vote is sacred, even winning by one vote should be seen as sacred, let alone 29,000 votes.

But the blues are obviously incapable of such democratic faith. Only to regimes like the PRC or KMT's authoritarian rule will they submit their loyalty.

The blues are so used to writing their own laws, serving as lawmakers, interpreters and executioners all at the same time, that not even an open election will make them concede defeat.

Taiwanese should stand up. To love and to protect Taiwan means to stand up against the pan-blues' nonsense.

Chen should stand up for his rights and the rights of Taiwanese voters. Do not concede more than the law prescribed, or the law will be compromised. The nation will be held hostage by the blue wackos.

Chen Ming-chung

Chicago, Illinois

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