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Hatred toward Japan should end

By Chen Ro-jinn 陳柔縉

The older generation has its own love-hate issues. Some stand on this side and some on the other. When speaking of Japan, their words and tone run to both extremes and tend to remain polarized. But 50 years have passed and the younger generation should have a different attitude toward Japan. God gave people three dimensional space, not just this side and that side. The younger generation has neither an obligation nor a responsibility to inherit the attitudes toward Japan of the KMT or of older Taiwanese. Apart from this side and that side, there is at least one more perspective -- that from above.

Jumping clear of either side and looking down from above, the landscape of Japan looks quite different. Japan is now a neighbor of Taiwan. We simply wish for friendship and peace among all our neighboring countries. As for popular culture and merchandise, we wouldn't presume to criticize Japan or revile the US. We only hope that people will cherish Taiwan's own special qualities and not invariably chase after other country's popular trends, thereby showing the spinelessness and sense of inferiority of the Taiwanese.

Chen Ro-jinn is a freelance writer.

Translated by Ethan Harkness

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