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Union torn apart For such a short letter ("Union has benefits," May 3) to contain so many misconceptions, and flaws of reasoning and senseless statements must have taken great effort, even if it were an attempt at parody. At first I wondered, "Has the man only been in Taiwan for six weeks reading election rhetoric and that's all he knows of Taiwan's history?" Then, "What history books does he read? Yu Keli's?" And finally, does Bassett know that 30 million Chinese died under the governmental system he advocates -- under Mao Zedong (毛澤東) alone? That's more than the Japanese killed during World War II. Does Bassett consider that the American Civil War and all secessions in history are equal to Taiwan's situation and are solved by the simple statement, "The Union?" The people of Taiwan have found that they want democracy so they can choose whether they want to be united with anyone. And I agree with the sentiment: "Power to the People!" Jerome F. Keating
What's in a name? Lee Teng-hui's (李登輝) idea about a KMT name change is absolutely correct. It is the key to saving the KMT from further fiascos. One may argue that a name change alone does not necessarily change its inherent character. However, let's focus on what is implied by having the name changed. For 50, the KMT has controlled the entire state mechanism to exploit people and society for the sake of "returning to the mainland." Comparatively, The ideological commitment of the DPP was rooted in a localized identity, and the desire for having a democratic society in Taiwan. Lee's point is absolute correct for reforming the party. The KMT needs to abandon the past, to forsake its link with China to establish its localized identity. The KMT needs to learn from modern society. The newly named KMT will play a significant role in watching over the DPP. Otherwise, the KMT will be a historical term, Taiwan will return to a one-party system and the DPP will then be the one party. Joshua K. Tin
DPP East America

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