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Victorious Dems start setting goals

CAPITOL HILL SPOILS The next House speaker and Senate Democratic leader pledged to work with President Bush and return a sense of bipartisanship to Washington


Restored to power, congressional Democrats pledged on Wednesday to press for a new course in Iraq and move promptly to raise the minimum wage.

"We will not disappoint" the American people, Representative Nancy Pelosi said.

At a news conference in the Capitol, Pelosi, who will become the speaker, or leader of the House of Representatives pledged that Democrats will make the next Congress "the most honest, ethical and open" one in history.

Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada both said they would work with President George W. Bush in a bipartisan manner, and they made the same commitment with respect to congressional Republicans.

"If Democrats go in and seek retribution, we lose," agreed Democratic senator-elect Sherrod Brown who defeated two-term Republican Senator Mike DeWine in Ohio.

Pelosi and Reid made their comments before the full extent of the Democrats' triumph was clear.

Several House races remained too close to call, and the size of the new Democratic majority seemed likely to grow by a few seats. And within hours, Democrats gained control of the Senate when Virginia Senator George Allen lost his seat to Democratic challenger Jim Webb.

While Democrats stressed their desire for bipartisanship, they also made clear they intend to use their power.

Several Democrats suggested during the day that Bush meet with leaders to conduct a high-level review of the war in Iraq, a conflict that is unpopular with the public and that polls said had contributed to the Republicans' defeats.

Democratic Representative John Dingell, in line to take back the chairmanship of one powerful committee, told reporters he wants the Federal Communications Commission to postpone its vote on AT&T's proposed acquisition of BellSouth Corp.

"I think it would be in their interest, I think it would be in the interest of the committee and I think it would be in the interest of the public," he said.

Representative Charles Rangel, a Democrat in line to head the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, declined to discuss possible tax increases or changes in Medicare in an interview with reporters.

He said his top priority was to close the tax gap -- referring to money that taxpayers owe the government but do not pay.

"My only fear is that Republicans might call this an increase in taxes," he said.

The minimum wage increase is one of a handful of measures Pelosi had promised to bring to the floor of the House in the first 100 hours it is in session under Democratic control next January.

Republican congressional leaders have maneuvered successfully to block passage of a minimum wage increase in recent years, but voters in six states approved ballot measures on Tuesday mandating raises.

"When Washington doesn't act, then America does," said Senator Edward Kennedy, who will be chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over the issue.

The federal minimum wage is US$5.15 an hour. Legislation backed by Democrats in the House and Senate would increase it to US$7.25 in three steps, although Pelosi has not yet said precisely what bill she intends to bring to a vote.

Pelosi, following up on a campaign promise, said Democrats would seek passage of several bills in the first days of the new session.

In addition to the minimum wage hike, Democrats will push to implement the recommendations of the commission that investigated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and a reduction in the interest rate on student loans. Other items include legislation to promote energy independence, allow expanded stem cell research with federal funds and a call for lower drug prices under the Medicare prescription drug program.

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