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CCP is nation’s enemy: ministry article

US VS THEM:A defense ministry official said that espionage cases show that aside from being lured by benefits, conspirators often fail to view the CCP as an enemy

By Aaron Tu and Sherry Hsiao  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A column published on Monday by the Ministry of National Defense’s Political Warfare Bureau urged military personnel to see through China’s “united front” tactics and not forget that “the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] is [the nation’s] enemy.”

The weekly column titled “Our Voice” is in a publication that informs military personnel of international and military affairs, disease prevention and other topics.

This week’s article discussed the CCP’s verbal and military threats toward Taiwan.

The bureau wrote in the article’s foreword that after the CCP’s 19th National Congress, it began regularly sending military aircraft and vessels on long-distance training exercises around Taiwan, in addition to spreading false information in an attempt to incite panic.

The CCP has also used cross-strait trade, cultural exchanges and other interactions to construct an atmosphere of reconciliation, the article said.

It has used various “united front” tactics in an attempt to recruit Taiwanese talent and draw people in, the article said, adding that Taiwanese should take this as a warning and acknowledge the enemy’s ambitions.

The CCP uses multiple methods to steal classified national defense information and military technology, and to threaten or bribe businesspeople and retired military personnel into developing intelligence-gathering networks, the article said.

Therefore, military personnel should acknowledge that the CCP is an enemy and remember that keeping secrets is their duty, it said, adding that they should always beware of conspiracies and attempts to steal classified information.

The article was responding to recent events, an unnamed military official said.

Although the bureau has previously mentioned the potential threats that China poses, due to its constant pressure, it is necessary to remind military personnel to not be confused by China’s “united front” tactics, the source added.

The article emphasized the CCP’s status as an enemy, because espionage cases show that apart from being lured by benefits, people involved in these cases often lack an “us versus them” mentality, the source said.

The wording of the article is not exaggerated or provocative, bur rather points out the truth and asks military personnel to be more alert, they added.

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