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Artists plan Taiwanese independence mural in US

By Chang Ling-chu and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter in Vancouver, with Staff writer

Taiwanese painter Chao Tsung-song, left, and Lucy Yueh-chien Lu pose in front of a draft that will be hand-painted as a 30.5m long mural on the wall of a company in Corvallis, Oregon, starting on on Thursday.

Photo: Chang Ling-chu, Taipei Times

Two Taiwanese independence supporters plan to hand-paint a 30.5m long mural on the wall of a company in Corvallis, Oregon, in an effort to increase awareness in the US that Taiwan is an independent country.

According to Taiwanese painter Chao Tsung-song (趙宗宋), the idea of a mural dedicated to Taiwanese independence was originally proposed by David Lin (林銘新), a Taiwanese businessman who owns Corvallis Micro Technology.

“I met Lin during the run-up to the presidential election this year, and he mentioned wanting to decorate the wall of his company with a mural promoting Taiwanese independence so more US citizens would support us,” Chao said.

As Corvallis Micro Technology is located off Interstate No. 5 (I-5), Lin hoped the strategic location of the mural would help by informing Americans driving past that Taiwan is an independent country, Chao said.

Despite Chao’s interest in the project, he found it difficult to persuade other Taiwanese painters to take part in the endeavor.

It was at that point that Chao turned to a relative, Lucy Yueh-chien Lu (盧月鉛), who emigrated to Canada more than a decade ago. She agreed to take part and the two of them started preparations to paint the mural.

However, the subject matter of the work meant that painters looking to develop a career in China were “unable” to take part, Lu said.

In addition, because the mural was being painted on the outside of a building, which meant that the artists had to use mechanical lifts to reach higher levels, elderly artists were excluded from the project, she said.

“Currently Chao and I are the only artists working on the project,” Lu said, adding that they plan to finish the mural at the end of next month, before the autumn rainy season sets in. They are also hoping to elicit the aid of locals in the coloring of the work.

The mural is to be divided into two parts, one featuring Taipei 101, the Divine Tree (神木) on Ali-shan (阿里山), Jade Mountain and Taiwan’s indigenous flora and fauna.

Tibetan independence will be the subject of the other part of the mural.

Tibet is an issue of interest to many Westerners and by focusing on Tibetan independence the mural is more likely to attract the attention of US citizens and thereby better promote Taiwanese independence, Lu said.

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