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Tainan government to focus on cultural, tourist attractions


The Tainan City Government has decided that culture and tourism will be its policy themes next year.

Tainan Mayor Hsu Tain-tsair (許添財), a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, has named Hsieh Shih-chieh (謝世傑), secretary-general of the city government, to serve as the convener of a preparatory commission for the "year of culture and tourism" initiative.

Given its unique cultural and historical heritage, Tainan, also known as "Fu Cheng" (府城) due to its status as the old capital of Taiwan, is better positioned than other cities to develop its tourism industry, Hsu said.

Tainan was established as the capital of Taiwan in 1661 by the Ming Dynasty general Cheng Cheng-kung (鄭成功), also known as Koxinga, who drove the Dutch off the island in 1662.

In 1684, the Ching Dynasty conquered Taiwan and established "Taiwan Fu" as the first official local government on the island.

In related news, Michael Coyet, a descendent of Fredrich Coyet, the last Dutch governor of Taiwan, visited Koxinga's Shrine in Tainan earlier this week.

Michael Coyet, a 14th generation descendent, was accompanied by his wife and 22-year-old daughter.

He said the journey was the final wish of his ancestor, who hoped his offsping could return to Taiwan someday.

Accompanied by Hsu, the Coyets toured historic relics of establishments constructed more than 300 years ago during and after the Dutch colonization.

Fredrich, a Swedish aristocrat, was named by the Dutch East India Company to serve as Taiwan's governor in 1657.

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